What a queer boudoir

I went to this little vintage shop in Gent and when in I asked the guy if there was anything downstairs or upstairs. He told me (with heavy french accent): Downstairs is for bad people. But there's some furniture upstairs. I'd love to go downstairs but I figured out he didn't want me to. So I went upstairs. There was a very little furniture; in fact only a coffee table few lamps, and some freakish mannequins with wigs. But there was this little room with a clothes hanger and walls painted in pink. They were crammed with the most camp memorabilia you can imagine - models, boys who look like girls, and girls who look like boys, celebrities and other pop-culture crap - a teenage queer wet dream (or a nightmare). I was chuffed.

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wow what a weirdo! i woulda been like yeh wateva hahaha

winter Xo