Ostrava / Black coffee with attitude

I went to the city of warm heart and black lungs. Ostrava - former rich and half-forgotten queen of mines and heavy industry. It's a bit of a cultural shock - industrial and functionalist architecture everywhere. But it's a positive shock. Ostrava has got a character. And attitude. Although it may not be everyone's cup of tea. Actually no tea here. It is more of a strong black coffee. And at places it dazzles like a black pearl in the dust.


Citáty said...

Very nice photos; taken very well.

I'm not near as skilled. This is partly why I don't take too many pictures: they always have such a woeful outcome.

I especially like the lamps in the sun.

sorin said...

sounds like photojournalism is in your blood. great stories.

Lilly Holiday said...

You always have such amazing pics! I love the shopping cart graffie. beautiful.
and yes jeff buckley is the man.....was the man.